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You invest a lot of money, time and sweat into building a business that's successful and will last forever; that includes buildings, equipment and, of course, employees! Protect your investment with Wilray Liquid Flammable Storage Cabinets. Wilray cabinets are built tough to protect your investment for decades! Check out these features...


Protect Against Break-Thru Flames & Hot Gases With This "Intumescent" Fire Seal!

A level of safety and protection for your employees and facilities that no other cabinet provides! This UL tested "Intumescent Fire Seal" will vigorously expand on exposure to heat, providing a fire barrier against break-through flames and hot gases. In use for many years on fire doors and fire safes, we added this seal to our non-drum cabinets to better protect your assets.


Get Decades Of Durability With Solid-Welded Top And Bottom Seams

No spot-welds or rivets in the crucial areas of a Wilray Cabinet! The joint where the top or bottom meets the wall or side of the cabinet is crucial to its structural integrity. We have our experienced welders TIG weld the entire seam of the cabinet by hand and sands them to a quality finish - no exposed seams, gaps, or sharp edges. These cabinets won't loosen, shake and shimmy after years of use like the others will!


Rest Assured That This Heavy-Duty 3-point Latch System Will Protect Your Facilities And Employees!

This heavy-duty latch securely holds doors closed through fire and abuse. This proven mechanism has provided decades of security for Wilray customers and will for you too. This is a very simple, traditional design that uses 1/8" thick steel bars that nest into welded 12 ga. steel clips. Nothing fancy, really! But they're strong! It's all about strength and withstanding pressures!


Get Self-Closing Doors On All Wilray Safety Storage Cabinets...Without Paying Extra!

Specially designed rugged hinges with internal springs assure complete closure every time. Self-closing doors are standard on all Wilray cabinets so you get the maximum protection possible without paying extra. (The Uniform Fire Code and many local and state ordinances require self-closing doors.)


Get Ease Of Use And A Longer Cabinet Life With Rugged 4" Legs!

Safety storage cabinets are a sizable investment and heavy! These rugged 12 ga. legs raise your Wilray cabinet off the floor to protect it against potentially corrosive materials. With our heavy-duty construction, Wilray cabinets can be easily moved around your facility with a pallet jack or forklift. No need to empty cabinets or tilt them backward to lift or move them. Lift them easily, fully loaded!


Keep Dangerous Spills Contained Inside The Cabinet With This Solid Welded Sump Design!

Each 2" sill and 2" deep sump are solid welded to safely contain spills within the cabinet. This leak-proof construction helps prevent spillage of dangerous liquids outside the cabinet, reducing cleanup problems and potential hazards to your employees, buildings and equipment.

It's not what's in the safety storage cabinet that you need to protect! It's what's outside the cabinet that really matters to your business!